In the Fall of 2016, a team of devoted educators and inspired dreamers converged to reimagine high school education. Their vision of a progressive public high school focusing on coastal restoration and protection through hands-on learning was unlike anything we have ever seen before. The program is rooted in a student-centered curriculum that targets and educates students on the fundamental environmental issues we face in southern Louisiana. New Harmony High develops students’ passions, talents, and skills in an environment ripe for exploring connections between their interests and the world around them, both at a local and global level, to create a flourishing and sustainable Louisiana.


Rethinking the expected

As a New Orleans based agency, the compelling work of New Harmony High School has strongly resonated with us. Our work with them began in 2018 when we completely reimagined their website from the ground up, making it an interactive narrative with striking imagery and videos. In addition to giving them a fresh look and a new logo to match, we helped them determine and maintain their identity, producing a brand standards and style guide, ad template, color palette, and business cards.