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We seek and find solutions.

Every client we work with is unique, and every one deserves a tailored approach to their problems. We work with B2C, B2B and non-profit clients to connect them to consumers through a balance of strategic planning, captivating art and engaging content. Our core services include identity and brand development, traditional and digital marketing strategies, and custom responsive website development. At Deep Fried Advertising, we are more than a team of writers, designers and developers; we are brand enthusiasts.


New Orleans Chamber - Deep Fried Advertising

Carefully Considered,
Memorable Branding
Increases Your

Custom Responsive
Web Design & Development

We uphold a fundamental belief that your site should be admired for its beauty and its function. With our unique mix of creative vision and skilled talent, we craft websites like no other. At Deep Fried, we build custom responsive websites, without using themes or templates, to allow users to experience your content in the most engaging way possible.


Eagle Industries Branding Example by Deep Fried Advertising

Your Website
Should Be Beautiful
On All Devices

Brands of All Shapes & Sizes

We take great pride in our client relationships, dependable service and continuous adaptability in an industry that is constantly evolving. Thanks to our wide range of clientele, we are always able to offer fresh perspective and ideas to improve your brand’s impact.

Here’s a small sample of folks we’ve worked with

  • Triumph Krav Maga Logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Lucy's Logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Restore the Mississippi River Delta logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Eagle Industries Logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Baptist Community Ministries - Deep Fried Advertising
  • JEDCO Logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Young Leadership Council Logo - Deep Fried Advertising
  • Hola Nola logo - Deep Fried Advertising

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