Mardi Gras World provides an authentic, behind-the-scenes New Orleans carnival experience. The magic of Mardi Gras tradition is unmasked by tours through Blaine Kern Studios where artists and architects have been building magnificent carnival floats since 1947. Mardi Gras World is host to tourist and corporate groups and extravagant events throughout the year.

Real-time Shuttle Tracker

Every day is Fat Tuesday!

Mardi Gras World came to Deep Fried in need of an eye-popping website to match the splendor of its in-person experience. We worked with MGW to create a custom and festive website, complete with easy-to-find rates and information, large and colorful photos, media praise and Carnival fun facts.

Notably, the website features an interactive tracker for the free Mardi Gras World shuttle that can pick sightseers up from downtown New Orleans.