Langenstein’s is New Orleans’ oldest family-owned grocery store, spanning generations as a neighborhood staple since 1922. Known for their vast selection of local, regional and gourmet selections as well as their famous prepared foods, Langenstein’s has grown into a local icon offering catering, delivery and specialty items with four locations in the Greater New Orleans area.

Makin’ groceries and catering orders.

Langenstein's Iconic Bag Woman

Langenstein’s grocery stores have a well-known reputation for their fine foods selections, gorgeous meats and seafood, wine and spirits and incredible prepared foods. And the finest and freshest groceries deserve a website. Deep Fried was tasked with re-vamping the web presence of New Orleans’ oldest grocery store.

Using vintage styling and local jargon, we were able to accurately capture the personality of Langenstein’s with a beautiful website that not only serves as a source for business information, but that also houses a virtual storefront for their specials and online shopping offerings, as well as a custom catering fulfillment system built on the backend.