Committed to you.

Deep Fried crafted an emotional brand video for Glago Williams answering the question, “What is family?” The video tells the story of how this firm supports and defends its clients as if they are family. Our goal was to drive home their high level of commitment, and the uniquely close relationships fostered among the Glago Williams attorneys and their clients. 

Glago Williams is a team of experienced Civil Litigation and Personal Injury attorneys in New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX. Their legal team is passionate about providing quality and personalized representation to individuals, families and businesses in the Gulf South area after accidents and during insurance claim disputes. Their strong track record reflects their commitment to their clients.

An approachable site for compassionate attorneys.

Glago Williams approached us to revamp their website and to produce a brand video to communicate their values and their success. In speaking with their attorneys, we discovered that their clients are truly made to feel like they are family through sincere and trustworthy legal support. Thus, we wanted our deliverables to reflect Glago Williams’ compassion and honesty.

Glago Williams Website on Devices

Glago Williams Color Palette

With a saturated market of law firms in the area, the website needed to make a lasting impression. Glago Williams’ custom, responsive website features classic blues and regal gold tones, graceful interactions and appealing typography and visuals. It helps interested clients to find information easily (through FAQ, customer service chat and a free case evaluation form), displays their accomplishments including national recognitions and successful case results and showcases client satisfaction through a robust testimonials section.