Gallo Mechanical is a top-tier mechanical construction, HVAC, and plumbing service provider headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are a family-owned business who has been doing quality work since their founding in 1945. They were a major player in the reconstruction of the city after Katrina—helping with several instrumental projects like the renovation of the Superdome and Hyatt Regency.

Gallo Mechanical website - Deep Fried

Get pumped for this new look.

Gallo Mechanical was in need of a website that more accurately reflected their level of work and their commitment to their clients, so they asked us to help create that for them. What they got was a state-of-the-art, modern design with messaging that positions them as a considerable mechanical construction and service company. We later implemented an interactive timeline that dives deep into the company history and showcases some of their most prestigious projects. Explore the site for yourself to see how we updated their look and digital presence.

Gallo Interiors - Deep Fried

Using the look we developed for Gallo’s website, we’ve crafted a brand brochure emphasizing their dependability, experience and range of service capabilities. We’ve also created print and billboard ads to help recruit new employees.

We helped to commemorate Gallo’s Annual Family Pig Roast for employees by designing fun, collectible t-shirts.

Gallo Tshirt - Deep Fried