Established June 23, 1948, the purpose of Fletcher Technical Community College was to provide vocational training for the occupants of the Terrebonne, Lafourche, Assumption, St. James, and St. Charles parishes. Fletcher extends students the opportunity to participate in classes across a range of disciplines, including Office Occupations, Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Drafting, and Industrial Mechanics. As Fletcher’s success mounted, the college began strengthening its offerings by breaching into extension classes, targeting employed individuals interested in upgrading their skillset, and increasing training for emerging occupations.


Digital Ads

Our extensive work with Fletcher covered everything from giving their logo a clean, modern refinement, to sourcing and designing billboards, print and digital ads, and full-scale campaigns. We created a brand style guide to promote a cohesive feel across departments and social media post designs. As Fletcher expanded, we helped them keep pace, building awareness for their new, larger programs and producing a book that details the innovative curriculums.