Running a home is a full-time job. FilterGenie was made to take one more hassle off your plate and give you one less chore to keep track of. makes it easy to change your Air and Water Filters by automatically shipping filters to you at the exact moment they are due for a change. You pick your sizes and quantities, and they do the rest. 

Friendly, fast, and reliable. 

When the team at FilterGenie came to us, it was a great idea in need of a strong identity. We worked with them from the very beginning to create a brand mark and identity that is unique and easily recognizable, and build a tagline and messaging that conveys the product tone, advantages, and values. 

The Look

The primary mark evokes a flame or whisp of air in the shape of the letter “G”. The wordmark features bubbles and sparkles for a bright, clean feel while maintaining the whimsy of the brand. The colors are various shades of blue, from cyan to ocean.


The tone of the brand is that of a best friend who just gets it. They’re funny, candid, a little quirky, but they know what they’re talking about. This tone carries over all their messaging and creates a conversational brand that’s ready to help.

Primary Mark

Get the whole package.

With every new brand needs new packaging. For FilterGenie, we used their new brand to create beautiful, eye-catching packaging that makes it completely recognizable as a FilterGenie product. The designs included A/C filters, shipping boxes, and packing tape. 

A fresh web design.

FilterGenie wanted a website that highlights the features of their service and moves the customer through a friendly and easy process to get them set up with their subscription, hassle-free. Our site design integrates their fun and fresh brand with their unique messaging to reach and convert the right customers.

Telling their story.

What is an online subscription without an online presence? As part of their brand launch, we created a social strategy and graphics. Their social media uses graphics and video to educate followers on the importance of filtered air and water in their homes.