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How the B2B industry can prepare for what comes next

If you’re in business to sell to other businesses, you know how difficult it is to target and convert during[…]

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What is the Future of Social Media?

More artificial intelligence integrations? A mass exodus from major platforms to niche apps? Device-dependence shifting to device-less technology? Last week[…]

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Women in Advertising – Creating Success in a Competitive World

Our owner and creative director, Jennie Westerman Diemont, was recently interviewed and featured in New Orleans CityBusiness’ Path to Excellence[…]

Should you upgrade your site to HTTPS?

Google recently announced its preference for HTTPS websites In January 2017, Google announced that they would begin designating sites using[…]

Tools of the Trade

A Short List of Our Favorite Everyday Tools You could boil down what we do at Deep Fried Advertising into[…]

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How to Direct Traffic on Your Website

Getting Users to Where You Want Them on Your Website The question of how users interact with websites has been[…]

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In the News : WBEC South

2014 November Spotlight: Deep Fried Advertising + Web Design by: Joanelle Bradley – November 3, 2014 Deep Fried Advertising +[…]

Own Your Online Presence!

We highly recommend you claim and create these pages. Having an online presence is highly important, but with all the[…]

What Is Responsive Website Design?

…And How Does It Apply to You? There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of the term Responsive Website Design,[…]

Building Successful eCommerce Websites

6 Steps Towards Creating a Great eCommerce Website Many factors will decide an eCommerce website’s success. Today the internet is composed[…]

Tips for the Busy Blogger

Our Favorite Ways to Help you Put Pen to Paper We know a blog can easily be one of those[…]

How to Improve Your Website’s SEO

How to Pull Some Rank   Getting your website higher up in search engine rankings is not an overnight occurrence.[…]