Deep Fried Core Values

Deep Fried is run by wife and husband team Jennie and Kevin Diemont, so it’s no surprise that our agency functions family-style. We’re tightly-knit, highly collaborative and real with each other. We take great pride in our relationships, inside and outside of the office. Most importantly, we are values-driven and care about communities we live in; we take on work based on alignment with our values.


We are thoughtful in our actions and in our work, deliberately planning and thinking through every sound, shape, and pen stroke. Efficiency, resourcefulness, and attention to detail are critical to success in marketing, so we rely on strategic choices founded in experience and research. 


We have a passion for exceeding expectations, and are dedicated to delivering effective solutions to our clients, in a timely manner. We are committed to our word and our craft, so our clients can expect work that speaks for itself and a team that is dependable, responsive, and thorough.


Our industry is ever-evolving, and we are too. We thrive on discovering innovative strategies to increase our efficiencies and boost ROI. We must be nimble – willing to listen, and shifting quickly to meet our clients’ dynamic needs or changing circumstances. We are always learning and optimizing, and the flexibility to adapt and improve is integral to our operations.  


Positivity and professionalism are paramount to building a work culture where great minds can come together as a team and deliver day after day. We are all individuals who deserve to be treated respectfully and equitably. We don’t bring others down with negativity; rather we enter the room with open minds and growth attitudes. We are supportive of one another, and value open and honest, constructive dialogue.


We are passionate about sharing our clients’ stories. We do impactful work we believe in, for brands we believe in, as we value your time and budgets like they are our own. When you work with Deep Fried, you are partnering with a diligent team that is curious to uncover solutions and motivated to connect with consumers.