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We live our lives in the open. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Pinterest, we share our stories, seek connections, and shop every day, all day across a neverending network of platforms. Your company’s social media presence says not only who you are and what you do, but lends transparency to your brand in a larger community. Identifying which platform is best based on where conversations happen is essential to not waste time, resources, or money.

Social Media Management

Having an honest and community-focused social media presence is essential for your brand’s relevance, and is a critical avenue for reaching and engaging both your most loyal clients as well as potential customers. Social media management shouldn’t be an after-thought; it should be a driving force to elevate your overall marketing strategy.

Deep Fried can help your business build and grow an audience and find its place in the community anywhere audiences gather and engage. Our goal? To drive traffic to and increase awareness of your company’s brand, products, and services.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you want to drive sales, engage and educate your community, or reach new audiences while building brand awareness, we can craft a paid social media marketing strategy that’s carefully tailored to help you reach your business goals. Built with your voice and audience in mind, we’ll develop and deliver content that drives conversations AND conversions.

Social Media Products, Events, E-Commerce & Donations

Need butts in seats or heads in beds? Have a new product to launch or event to promote? Looking to maximize reservations or appointments? Soliciting donations and volunteerism? 

Every mission, product, and service is unique. We know how to artfully showcase your unique selling proposition and tell your brand’s story through careful curation, captivating copy, complete with eye-popping graphics, photos and videos. Your social voice will help you stand apart from your competition, encourage positive conversations with your community, create new brand ambassadors, and build brand loyalty.