Established 2004

One muggy evening, on the first night she had moved to New Orleans, Jennie Diemont found herself at a house party. Although unbeknownst to her at the time, the first bite of a Southern delicacy (the deep fried pickle) was the catalyst for what would eventually become her ad agency. 

Over the next three years working at various shops around the city, Jennie became frustrated with the seas of dull creative being funneled into expensive media buys, with little chance at being effective. While a few larger agencies dominated the New Orleans advertising scene, a lot was left to be desired for small to medium size businesses. This was the niche Jennie set out to fill when she opened the doors: to provide local and regional companies with accessible and effective branding, websites, and campaigns. 

Deep Fried was founded in 2004 on the premise that business owners deserved access to award-winning creative and marketing solutions, without back-breaking fees. It would be an agency where talented creatives came together to produce outstanding work; its spirit was homegrown and its people were approachable. And so, an agency was born, and a name was needed, and those pickles staked their claim. After all, they would deep fry anything in this city; so why not Advertising?

Since its creation, the agency has served hundreds of clients and, despite the increasingly competitive and ever-changing nature of the industry, Deep Fried has stayed true to its vision of delivering thoughtful and effective work to clients of all shapes and sizes.

Twenty years in, Deep Fried is a robust team of writers, designers, developers and strategists, and is based in a historic property in Uptown New Orleans. Learn more about our core values here.

Bottomless potential.

(Mimosas available upon success)