Established 2004

On a steamy August night in 2001, after moving to New Orleans earlier that day, our founder had found herself at a party where she got her first taste of a Southern delicacy: deep-fried pickles. Having spent the last 4 years in Philly, she was like, “Wait what? Are you kidding? They will deep fry anything in this city.” Without realizing it at the time, Jennie Diemont had conceived the concept for what would later become her own boutique ad agency: Deep Fried Advertising.

Over the next few years, she worked for a variety of agencies and a paper in town before coming to understand what the advertising landscape in New Orleans really offered business owners. Squat for options. There were only a handful of small agencies going up against a few much bigger ones. Business owners had few options to develop strong creative without selling their first born. She had had it with dull creative being funneled into expensive media buys, with little chance at being effective.

And as such, Deep Fried was born. Jennie opened shop to help fill that niche by committing to offer more intimate connections paired with more cost-effective solutions. The name would have to feel approachable, homegrown and well, creative. Something brought her back to that first day in New Orleans, pickles having somehow become an icon of her venture to the city, and she said to herself, “If you can deep fry pickles, then why not advertising.”

Since its founding in 2004, the agency has served hundreds of clients and, despite the increasingly competitive and ever-changing nature of the industry, Deep Fried has stayed true to its vision of delivering remarkable and effective work to clients of all shapes and sizes.

Fifteen years later, Deep Fried is a robust team of writers, designers, developers and strategists, and is based in a historic property in Uptown New Orleans. Learn more about our values and culture here.

Bottomless potential.

(Mimosas available upon success)