Keyword Research 

Content Creation

UX & Design Review

Competitive Analysis

Website Crawls & Makeovers

Sitemap & Schema Markup

Inbound & Internal Link Analysis

Canonicalization of Content

Google My Business (GMB) Setup

Maps Search Optimization

Directories, NAP Citations

Backlink Analysis

Website Migration & 301 Redirect Services

Image Optimization

Google Analytics (Universal, GA4)

Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager Installation

Third Party & Off-site Platform Optimization

Actionable Reporting

Digital Marketing Glossary

Digital KPIs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is – in a nutshell –  the art behind being found on the web by the people looking for your brand, products, and services. 

Our SEO strategies rely on intuitive site architecture, solid back-end coding, and optimized engaging content.  With your company’s goals in mind, we can adjust your site’s current architecture to align with Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s latest updates and best practices; inspect and optimize your current markup language, tags, and keywords; and develop localized content about your brand that delivers results.

A search engine’s results page (SERP) is a highly competitive space. Your organic listings are fighting not only search engine marketing campaigns but against the engine’s own interest in keeping users there. Between the video carousels, twitter modules, top-stories, and images, climbing the ladder to the top is equal parts difficult and critical. 

Complete SEO Audits

There are dozens of factors that impact the organic surfaceability of your website. From H1 and alt tags to duplicate content and page load times, we conduct a thorough audit of each and every element that could stand in the way of your next customer finding you on the web. Once identified we can either turn over a detailed action plan to your team for implementation or get to work updating your site ourselves. 

Content Development & Marketing

If your site is the trunk of the tree, the content that lives on it are its branches. Reaching up, out, down and across the web to people looking to learn more about you. We implement extensive keyword and competitive research fueled by a deep knowledge of how people search and engage with online content to increase your site’s authority, page rank, and usability.

Good SEO is built on a foundation of technical knowledge, but if what that produces is simply key-word laden robospeak, what value have you passed along to your prospective customer? Our goal is to craft a relatable story, in your brand’s voice, that satisfies search engine best practices.

Search engines value relevance nearly as much as recency. An active and ongoing SEO strategy touches both on website updates as well new content, published regularly. Trends and keywords shift, and the content your site surfaces should be as up to date as possible.

Local SEO 

Local Search Engine Optimization, (Local SEO) is the craft of putting your brand in front of the nearly 50% of searchers that have local intent. These are people looking for products and services specifically near them.  Your Google My Business (GMB) listing along with off-site citations (name, address, and phone or “NAP” listings) are in part, what determines your appearance on Google Maps, and its overall local searchability. We understand Google’s ever-evolving algorithm and can implement strategies to surface your company when – and now specifically where – people are looking for them.

Offsite SEO

What happens when you have content that lives someplace else like Resy, HomeAdvisor, YouTube, Etsy, or on a search engine’s image, news, shopping, or video streaming service? These platforms operate within a different of standards and protocols and the content that lives there needs optimization too. A well thought out content strategy (headlines, tags, and descriptions) can make the difference between invisibility.

Achieving relevance does not happen overnight, and maintaining it is not easy, put us to work today.