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While video has always been a crucial marketing element across all platforms, channels, and devices, its potential and usage have exploded, becoming more widespread than ever. People are watching significantly more online video particularly now, and consumption continues to grow — rapidly. Video is one of the most dynamic forms of media, taking forms as editorial content, pre-roll advertising, or even site-based animation, demonstrating that video continues to be a valuable form of media, well worth an investment. 

As video engagement increases, demand is following suit, with the need for quality production and promotion skyrocketing, especially as we spend even more time behind our various screens. This is where we come in. With Deep Fried’s full-service in-house capabilities, we are a one-stop-shop for your business’ video production and marketing needs — from a few quick video edits to an entire series of commercials produced.

Deep Fried’s video production services include: script writing, vlogs, lifestyle & culture, interviews, webinars, events & live streaming, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, testimonials, educational, animations, behind the scenes, and more…

Deep Fried’s video marketing services include: YouTube optimization, marketing and channel management, enhanced display campaigns, pre-roll placements, In-Banner Video, TV, web and OTT, placements, and all Social Media platforms.

Let us craft a video strategy that inspires your viewers to interact with your brand.

Start engaging like never before.