Tips for the Busy Blogger

Our Favorite Ways to Help you Put Pen to Paper

We know a blog can easily be one of those items that is forever on your “to-do” list. Finding the time to blog can be difficult, especially when working in a fast paced environment. Furthermore, blogging is more than just finding time to sit down and type up a document. It’s about discovering relative topics and presenting quality content that is informative and worthwhile to your audience.

So, we’ve consolidated some blogging tips from dozens of sites with countless ideas on how to write efficiently to defeating the dreaded ‘writers block.’ Below is a list of our favorite pointers for today’s “Busy Blogger.”


Have a Place to Bookmark Your Ideas

Whether its on a notepad or through an app, such as Evernote, having a place to store ideas and concepts will save you lots of time when brainstorming topics and developing content.


Create a Content Plan

This can be done using a calendar. You can map out monthly plans of when and what you’ll post.  This helps your visualize your overall messaging objectives and it promotes efficiency. When you get an idea – go ahead and add it to your calendar.


Create Outlines

If you’re able to identify the exact message you are trying to get across and the points you will to use to support this message your blogging process will be much simpler. You’ll save significant time when building your actual content if you structure your posts with an initial outline.



Timeboxing refers to “boxing” out actual time to write. It’s easy to get distracted with other tasks, so set aside a couple of hours where you are truly focused on blogging and your time will be spent much more efficiently.


Remove Distractions

Whether it’s turning your phone on silent for a couple of hours or taking the time to tidy up your desk before writing, removing the factors that cause distractions will greatly improve productivity.


Create Your Own Voice

People want to read content that is relevant to their needs, interests, and objectives. Therefore, it’s important to develop some consistency. You’ll gain worthwhile followers if they know what to expect from you. In essence, your blog content will become your theme.


Edit and Fact Check at the End

Stopping throughout your writing process to make sure you have the correct stats or are using commas in their proper places will only slow you down and make you lose your train of thought. Waiting until the end to polish your post will be much more efficient.


Have Fun

Treating blogging as a chore will take all of the fun out of it. Instead, think of it as a time for you to creatively express your ideas and stay connected with others.

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