From television news to video marketing, Amanda is a former reporter turned a content producer at Deep Fried Ads. She was born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, moving from New Orleans to the Northshore to Hammond and then to Baton Rouge. She graduated Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in Communication and a minor in French. Her love for diverse story-telling stretches from quick social media videos to creative short film projects.

If Amanda isn’t plugged into the computer or on social media, you may find her walking her fluffy puppy in downtown Baton Rouge. She also loves to catch up (or even continuously rewatch!) her favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. A fresh cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon is just one thing that makes her day.



My long-legged cotton ball of a dog is my furry child! I have a hilarious black and white Sheepadoodle named Indie, who is the master of cute puppy head-tilts.

Favorite Trip / Place to Visit:

Oui oui, j’adore France! I traveled a summer semester abroad in Montpellier, France where I spent weeks immersed in the French language and culture. I’d go back to the south of France any day.

Favorite Food:

I dearly love breakfast foods but Thai foods or Vietnamese foods are on the top of my list, as well.

Favorite Food to Cook:

My favorite food to cook is only because it is my favorite food to eat: Thai-inspired chicken meatball soup. Truly, I love to cook AND eat, so this is a great recipe to achieve both of those things.

Favorite Smell:

I love the scent of lavender and peppermint when I’m winding down to relax. But the smell of old vinyl records makes me ready to dig through vintage treasures.

Your nickname:

In high school, everyone called me “Kitch,” which is simply just my last name. The Kitches in my family have been called just “Kitch” for generations.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?

I wish Paul McCartney would ask me to dinner one night in my life… The former Beatle is my favorite musician and a treasure to the rock n roll world. I just hope he wouldn’t mind my many questions about his Fab Four experiences.