Restore the Mississippi River Delta

Restore the Mississippi River Delta (MRD) is a non-profit coalition of several national and regional environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and sustaining Louisiana’s natural resources from the looming threat of land-loss. These organizations include Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. MRD works to provide science-backed solutions to coastal restoration. Their website is a vital resource needed to promote awareness, educate the public, rally support, and connect to various target users such as activists, scientists, policy makers and the community.

In 2016, we were awarded the bid to redesign MRD’s website which lacked contemporary visual appeal, strategic messaging and user-friendliness, resulting in missed opportunities for expanding awareness. To address their needs, we developed a custom responsive website with improved branded visual appeal, performance-optimized development, and clear, concise messaging. We refined their existing sitemap to focus on 4 key areas – Our Coastal Crisis (the problem), Restoration Solutions (the solution), What’s at Stake (the impact), and Get Involved (what you can do). We also reorganized their blog space and revised the organization of articles with less clutter. An important facet of their website, the Priority Restoration Projects page, features an interactive map where users can explore the various types of coastal restoration projects currently active throughout the region. With desktop and mobile capabilities, team members can now take the map with them on the field for easy access and usability whether they’re on a phone or tablet.

In addition to the website, we designed a full-page advertisement for MRD in the 2016 New Orleans Saints Yearbook, a commemorative program souvenir for football fans. We brought the issue of coastal land loss to the top of Saints fans’ minds.


  • 2017 American Web Design Award
Advertisements · Content Development · Messaging · Responsive Website

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