tons of lost sedimentsince January 1, 2014

Jaw dropping loss at the mouth of the river.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta (MRD) is a non-profit coalition of several national and regional environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and sustaining Louisiana's natural resources from the looming threat of land-loss. These organizations include Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. MRD works to provide science-backed solutions to coastal restoration.


Deep Fried designed a striking full-page advertisement for MRD in the 2016 New Orleans Saints Yearbook, a commemorative program souvenir for football fans. We brought the issue of coastal land loss to the top of Saints fans' minds.

MRD Saints Program Ad 2016

I can’t reiterate enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with you! The energy, creative and quality of execution your entire team brought to this process was truly remarkable. The finished product is beautiful and beyond what we could have ever envisioned. I appreciate how responsive your team was, as well as how willing you all were from the beginning to challenge us and push us to step outside of our comfort zone.

Jacques Hebert
Communications Manager, Ecosystems and Coastal Resilience: Environmental Defense Fund


In 2016, Deep Fried was awarded the bid to redesign MRD's website, which lacked contemporary visual appeal, strategic messaging and user-friendliness. To build public awareness, we developed a custom responsive website with improved branded visual appeal, performance-optimized development and clear, concise messaging. We refined their existing sitemap to focus on 4 key areas: Our Coastal Crisis (the problem), Restoration Solutions (the solution), What's at Stake (the impact) and Get Involved (what you can do). We also reorganized their blog space and revised the organization of articles with less clutter. An important facet of their website, the Priority Restoration Projects page, features an interactive map where users can explore the various types of coastal restoration projects currently active throughout the region. With desktop and mobile capabilities, team members can now take the map into the field with them for easy access and usability, whether they're on a phone or tablet.

Responsive website for Restore the Mississippi River Delta
Graphic Design USA

2017 American Web Design Award

MRD's website is a vital resource for promoting awareness, educating the public, rallying support and connecting to activists, scientists, policy makers and the community at large.

Restore the Coast. Protect Their Future.

Deep Fried worked with MRD to run digital display ads about Louisiana's land loss crisis as part of their campaign "Restore the Coast. Protect their Future." This campaign had major emotional pull, featuring photos of youth living throughout Southeast Louisiana and how their communities, wildlife, jobs, and livelihood are threatened by a vanishing coastline. We designed this book to communicate campaign messaging to policy makers, government legislators and more.

New Orleans ADDY Award

"Restore the Coast. Protect their Future." was awarded a Bronze Addy in 2020 for book design.

Conceptual Scientific Model Illustrations

These scientific models show the complex interactions between the Mississippi River delta and the Gulf of Mexico and its vast ecosystem. This project provides information to guide restoration efforts in response to oil spills and other human influences and prepare for a future with a warming climate and rising sea levels. We gave life to the basic models by adding illustration and animation making them fun and interactive.