Spicing things up.

Straight from Bayou Country in Southern Louisiana, Lagniappe Seasoning Co. created a product called Spice-N-Ice that would bring seafood boils to the next level of deliciousness. “Lagniappe” (LAN-yap) is a cajun term meaning “a little something extra,” and their product Spice-N-Ice offers a new way to add something extra and season the boil. The dry seasoning mixture is added before adding the seafood, and the frozen liquid concentrate is added during the soaking period to stop the seafood from overcooking while adding more flavor. The frozen concentrate is an original concept that was previously unseen, especially at a commercial level.

Lagniappe came to us because they needed to refine their logo as well as create new labels for their Spice-N-Ice packaging. We revamped their logo with a little modern cajun flare and designed a set of labels that captured the essence of the brand and seasoning inside. In the end, Lagniappe received an image that truly represented them as a company.