Deep Fried’s Tastiest Work of 2019

It’s 2020? When did that happen!? The last decade has come and gone so fast! We slowed down for a quick check on what went down for Deep Fried in 2019, and well, it was a biggun’. We renovated our new home on Tchoupitoulas, celebrated our 15-year anniversary, and launched a new agency website. We welcomed four new team members and said a sad goodbye to one (really, what does Wyoming have on NOLA!?) We drank all the coffee, ate all the tacos (you’re welcome @barracuda), and we tied a few on with our favorite deepfriediens (yes it’s weak — if you have any better ideas, we might offer you a job). Even amidst all of these exciting transitions, our team pumped out more eye-popping and impactful work than ever before.

Take a look at our work that hit the web and shelves in 2019:

3, 2, 1… Launch! 🚀

2019 saw a multitude of attractive, optimized, and easy-to-navigate custom WordPress websites launch. The sites are helping our clients drive everything from online king cake orders, to hotel reservations, to conference attendance.

Repackaging a New Orleans Icon

In 2019, we launched a complete rebrand of the iconic Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines. This major undertaking included focus groups, e-comm improvements, rebrand and new packaging, and brick-and-mortar signage. Read more about this sugary-sweet experience.

Launching a Social Justice Initiative

Led by former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu, in 2019 the E Pluribus Unum team traveled the American South to research race and class divides as a social justice initiative. We worked with EPU to craft a logo, interactive website, brochure, and 90-page printed report to help share their key findings.

Driving Louisiana Innovation with JEDCO

Deep Fried has worked with JEDCO over the years to build its brand as a leading economic and business development organization in the region. This year, we designed a series of print ads to highlight their thriving industries.

Crafting Restaurant Branding to Drool Over

For Uptown New Orleans’ hot new coastal Spanish restaurant and bar, we crafted their new brand identity including their logo, website, and menus, featuring custom illustrations for a memorable flair as unique as their creations. We love Costera and you will too!

Reporting with Flying Colors for Audubon Society

In the face of environmental devastation, we were honored to design Audubon Louisiana’s 2019 Gulf of Mexico restoration plan, as well as National Audubon Society’s robust Fall 2019 report on climate change and bird species survival. Learn more about the Audubon Society.

Showcasing Glago Williams’ Dedication

Deep Fried created an emotional brand video for Glago Williams answering the question, “What is family?” The video is featured on the homepage of the new website that we built for them, reinforcing their values, their commitment to their clients, and their successful track record.

Communicating a Coastal Crisis

We were eager to assist Restore the Mississippi River Delta with their poignant campaign, “Restore the Coast. Protect their Future” in order to protect the future of the youth who call coastal Louisiana home. Our work included digital ads and a book for campaign stakeholders.

Poppin’ Cans at Parleaux Beer Lab

We were excited to design some fresh new beer cans for Parleaux Beer Lab, and to say cheers to the new decade: “Foggy Glasses” a hazy juicy IPA, “Czuck Pils,” a bohemian pilsner, and “Dom Parleaux,” a tart sparkling ale and play on Dom Perignon. Peep some more of our designs for Parleaux.

The Perfect URL & Fresh New Website

We outgrew the “deep fried dads” jokes and proudly purchased our perfect little 9-letter URL: The deployment of our fresh new site focuses on displaying the uniqueness of each brand we’ve crafted, including by industry. If you haven’t gotten a chance to peruse our new site, take a minute and let us know what you think! 🙂

And what’s it all for if you can’t celebrate?

These are the people who took us there, at some of our favorite moments of the year. We are ready to conquer 2020 together!

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