Staying Healthy & Productive During COVID-19

Deep Fried’s #1 priority is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees, our clients, and all of our families far and wide. We are closely monitoring the developments on Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Over the years, Deep Fried has developed systems and processes to allow us to continue to operate during times like these. Transparency is one of our key values, so you can be assured that we are working to keep campaigns, projects and general workflows moving. Our team is currently operating out of our corporate office, but should the need arise on an individual or group basis, we can operate from remote locations or conduct meetings virtually.

Deep Fried recognizes that it is important for business owners to maintain communication with their own clients/customers, with unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. Our team is here to assist with website updates, crafting language for social posts, emails or communications, and/or digital campaigns in this regard. Please reach out to have a conversation.

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