Mac is a New Orleans-based comedy writer, producer, director, and brand strategist. Prior to Deep Fried, he worked as Melissa McCarthy’s comedy writer. He’s also written punch-up for Will Ferrell and Gary Sanchez Productions. On the television side, Mac recently wrote & produced Paris Hilton’s Netflix cooking show, “Cooking with Paris,” and he was the sole writer and producer for David Dobrik’s “Views” podcast turned talk show. Mac has written for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Apple, Amazon, Chipotle, and the Discovery Channel. He is the former Head of Content at the comedy start-up, JokeTown, and has longstanding, deep relationships with some of the biggest stars on the internet. He enjoys long walks on the internet and deep conversations with his two-year-old son.


Your Pets:

Francine the Ween @francinetheween

fave place to visit:

Honestly, anywhere but Talladega.


Cane’s sauce


Anything that I’m forced to cook because I already
defrosted it.

Favorite smell:

Dog Frito paws



If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?

Marcus Williams, to make sure he doesn’t choke again.

Your Greatest Inspiration:

Anyone who clicked on my profile and decided to learn more. You poor, brave soul.