The River District blends the majesty of the Mississippi River with the unique culture of New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development and an unparalleled real estate opportunity. More than just urban ​revitalization — ​the River District ​will transform a ​versatile riverfront 27-acre footprint into market-rate and mixed-use residential and a corporate campus all ensconced in a vivid landscape and tapestry of cultural ​attractions.

Primary Mark

Rebirth by the River.

To bring this project to life, our team started where it all begins — with the River. As a vast and wild wonder of water, we focused on the Mississippi River as not only a geographic force, but the unabridged story of New Orleans; a complex, contentious, and often complicated tapestry, twisted and tested in the bends and curves that charted the course of Louisiana’s rich cultural history.  

Given this inspiration, we were guided creatively, conceptually, and tonally in the development of the overall brand identity and from this wellspring a motif and aesthetic began to emerge and take shape. From initial sketches to final executions, we incorporated the shape and personality of the River in the:

  • Brand Identity
  • Tagline, Values & Brand Manifesto
  • Leasing Deck

brand identity

Selling a vision and values

In concert with designers, we worked with our client to establish a clear and confident voice; a voice central to the brand personality. We asked a ton of questions. We listened intently and we pored over the trove of insight. And what we heard over and over was that the River District was more than just another catalytic development, more than urban revitalization — it was intentional and inspired to lift New Orleans emotionally and economically. In the end, we found a voice that was a tapestry of feelings: thoughtful, slightly sentimental, profoundly empathetic, uplifting. With its authentic voice established, we developed a set of values to express the commitment of the River District as an approachable entity. 

The Right Time. The Right Place.

Let’s be clear—there’s never a wrong time to do the “right thing.” With a deliberate and dedicated investment, we raise the bar and raze barriers, building an unequivocal trust in people for a place we call home. 

We Are Better, Together.

Together, we believe in the potential of people and place, and every purpose-driven pursuit inspired by future-forward thinking, intentional inclusivity, and a neighborhood for all. 

Entrepreneurs, With An Equitable Spirit.

To raise New Orleans, we must move with resiliency, act with conviction, invest with courage, and raise expectations for all. 

Common Grounds. Uncommon Spaces.

Let’s come together to celebrate moments, marvel at the future, and cherish the talents, passions, and diverse backgrounds that make us uniquely New Orleans.

New Orleans is Rising at the River District.

Once the concept and voice were established, we worked to crystalize the brand into a tagline. The everything and all things that the River District represents, all in one concise thought. New Orleans is Rising is the best encapsulation of the River District in action and intention. It is the rally cry, the heart and soul. It is the conviction and the confidence, and ambition to create a legacy for the city — something for everyone to believe in and something to build upon. New Orleans is rising at the River District. Let’s rise together.