Pontchartrain Conservancy, formerly known as the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, and often by its largest campaign “Save our Lake”, has established itself as a leader in environmental sustainability and stewardship since 1989. The non-profit organization, representing the Basin parishes and regulatory agencies, uses scientific research, education, and advocacy efforts to further its mission towards creating an environmentally sustainable, prosperous, and resilient region. Their work focuses on water quality, coastal restoration and education around these matters.

An environmentally sustainable, prosperous, and resilient Pontchartrain Basin in Louisiana, for generations to come.

After 30 years as Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, the organization came to us in need of a complete rebrand, as its mission had evolved tremendously over the years. It was time to reframe its story and the crucial work it does on the ground. We developed a new name that properly reflected the organization and paired it with a modern brand identity, each representative of the organization’s three core missions; water quality, coastal restoration, and education. We created a comprehensive brand manifesto, detailing how the brand should be used from look to language, setting their reimagined tagline, values, and brand personality, alongside all editorial and visual guidelines.