Hola Nola Foods is Louisiana’s only tortilla manufacturer, as well as a leading chip manufacturer focused on using only the highest quality ingredients. Their chips are fried in coconut oil, giving them a unique rich and creamy flavor, and are known for being sold in microwaveable bags so you get that warm, fresh restaurant-style chip.

A trustworthy feel for honest chipmakers.

They came to Deep Fried at their inception needing a mark that would represent their brand and serve as the key packaging component simultaneously. The goal was to combine the inspiration of vintage Mexican calendar girls with a homemade, rustic vibe. To achieve this look, we custom-illustrated a woman called “Nola,” who would become the face of the brand. We have created packaging for their chips, popcorns, salsa and dips, tortillas and more, as well as display racks, stationery, and other sales collateral.