Beignet Fest is an annual celebration for one of New Orleans’ most notable treats put on by The Tres Doux foundation. Using proceeds from the festival, the Tres Doux Foundation makes grants to local nonprofit organizations that provide accessible, quality programs for children with developmental delays and disabilities. When they approached Deep Fried to build an identity and website for them, we immediately jumped at the chance to help their efforts.


A truly “Deep Fried” success.

For their inaugural year in 2016, Beignet Fest needed to formulate an identity. Deep Fried designed a logo that represented the essence of the light-hearted, sugar-topped event. In its second year, we created a new website, ads and email templates for their communications outreach. Much like the spirit of the logo, the website was designed to exude a fun-loving, lively vibe, using a bright color scheme, animation and unique interactive elements. The email marketing and ads visually followed suit to help cheerfully spread the word about this family-friendly philanthropic event.