Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines is the definition of a New Orleans icon. For nearly 85 years, they’ve been making pralines using an original family recipe, cooked and poured daily and entirely by hand. Whether it’s their famous pralines, gift baskets or coated pecans, Aunt Sally’s is the one-stop-shop for regional confections and gifts.

Repackaging an icon.

We began working with Aunt Sally’s by executing social media, email marketing and sales-driven campaigns designed and targeted to convert existing customers and discover new ones. Our goal was to elevate Aunt Sally’s to the regional authority on pralines through concentrated marketing efforts online. In 2018, we launched a beautiful Shopify based eCommerce website designed to elevate the brand to new heights and to reach customers globally.

Then, in 2019, we orchestrated a complete brand rejuvenation including new brand standards, colors, logos, packaging and more designed to carry Aunt Sally’s into the future as New Orleans’ favorite praline.

It all starts with the mark

Aunt Sally’s has been around since 1935 and has been through many different logos. We wanted to pay homage to everything that made the vintage brand authentic. We stripped down the logo to the essentials of what made it likable and simplified some things so that it would work across all applications.

Pralines & Pecans

Originals, Creamys, Chewys, and Pecans. Singles, 6 packs, 12 packs and point-of-sale. And five delectable flavors to try them in. Making a package that quickly resonated with a customer across all of the displays was of paramount importance.

Aunt Sally’s Gourmet

Cooking up something tasty for the savory side of Aunt Sally’s… in addition to repackaging Aunt Sally’s pralines, we were tasked with creating a new look for their gourmet food line that would stand on its own but also fit with the brand.

Tins & Speciality Promotions

This limited-time-only commemorative tin was designed for Aunt Sally’s to celebrate the New Orleans Tricentennial. The vintage look sold out quickly and resonated with customers with its throwback style.

Storefront & Van Design

Bringing the inside, out. We did both storefronts including St. Charles (pictured above) and Decatur which is featured at the top of the page. Both storefronts have similar feelings but are not carbon copies of each other. They are different spaces and are treated accordingly. For example, the St. Charles store is in a newly renovated building and has a more modern and clean look/feel in general. So we went with large pralines to add fun and whimsy to draw people off the street. Decatur’s store is located in the French Quarter so we wanted something that felt a little more timeless and classic for that location.

Aunt Sally's St. Charles Storefront
Aunt Sally's Delivery Van

Aunt Sally's Pralinette Banner

Tasty Tasty eCommerce

Aunt Sally’s eCommerce website built on Shopify needed a new look to appeal to customers that was easy to navigate and would also convert sales while showcasing new products.

New Orleans ADDY Award

Aunt Sally’s Pralines was awarded two Silver Addy’s and three Bronze Addy’s in 2020 for brand identity campaign and packaging.