Our Employee Perks & Benefits

Deep Fried is a robust team of writers, designers, developers, and strategists, and we are always seeking new talent. Want to further your career in branding, digital marketing, or web development in one of the most culturally unique and festive cities in the world? Do you consider yourself to be creative, collaborative, high-functioning, and a hard worker? If you answered “yes” to all of the above, consider joining the Deep Fried team!

Have we convinced you to start a conversation with us yet? If not, check out the alluring ✨highlights ✨of being part of the work hard/play hard Deep Fried krewe:

✨ A stately office space on Tchoupitoulas

Recently converted from a historic Creole center hall cottage, Deep Fried HQ sits within walking distance to an array of hip local restaurants and bars on Tchoup and Magazine Streets. We have some serious space to spread out. Our office features numerous conference rooms, as well as a few cozy, casual places perfect for a little break (or nap). Our breakroom is equipped with a full kitchen, 48″ range, counter seating and café style seating; and we have a spacious backyard with WI-FI and several picnic tables for working outside and taking sunny lunch breaks. Plus, windows in every room = lots of office plants and natural light to brighten up your day.

✨ Standing Desks

Everyone in the office has adjustable height standing desks. We believe in being mobility, keeping active, and collaboration. So everyone enjoys a variable height desk that you can get just right to fit your ergonomic needs and encourage you to move about the office to work with your peers (or hide behind your monitor when it’s time to buckle in for a deadline).

✨ 401K Program

We offer a safe harbor plan with a company contribution that matches dollar-for-dollar on the first 3% of employee-deferred salary, and 50% on the next 2%. Employees may elect to enroll in a Roth or Traditional 401K plan. 

✨ Health Insurance

We offer group health insurance using pre-tax dollars, with a company contribution of ~2/3 of most plans.

✨ Paid Time Off (PTO)

Work/life balance is crucial! We provide our team members PTO in order to meet a diverse set of needs. This includes vacation, personal time, illness, well-care, family responsibilities, appointments, scheduled medical procedures/recovery, emergencies, funerals, and more. During your first year of employment, you get 10 PTO days; one through five full years at Deep Fried, 15 days; six or more, 20 days!

✨ Fri-Yays

TGIF! Every other month, when you can clear your schedule, you can take Friday afternoon off for happy hour-ing, fest-ing, quiet time, or whatever else your heart desires.

✨ Flexible Hours

We offer the flexibility of a modern office, with work from home measures in place, and the freedom to bank comp’d time against your schedule.

✨ Paid Holidays

In addition to our regular office closures and nine standard paid holidays, you can take a “flex” day off each year, such as New Year’s Eve, for a grand total of 10 paid holidays. And if you’re thinking of moving in to New Orleans from away, you’ll soon realize that on Mardi Gras Day, everywhere else it’s just a regular Tuesday; our clients know we’re busy costuming, dancing, and being merry throughout the streets of New Orleans.

✨ Pup-Friendly Workplace

Magnolia, Rufus, Pizza, Roscoe, and Beaux are some of our regulars. Bring your BFF to work with you, and they’ll get more cuddles than ever before! They can wander through the office and meet the team, or let them explore the great outdoors in our fenced-in backyard.

✨ Birthday Lunches

We host monthly birthday lunches and dine together before blowing out the candles.

✨ Annual Crawfish Boil

This party is a family affair. Our families and partners are invited to dig into a crawfish boil in our gorgeous backyard, complete with all the fixin’s. (Hope you like it spicy!)

✨ Annual Holiday Party

Each year we deck the halls and cheers to our successes over the year. This festive gathering is filled with food and spirits from our favorite gems in the city and is one of our most cherished events of the year.

Not to mention, we also host team breakfasts in the kitchen, backyard functions, Thanksgiving potlucks, team outings, and so much more.

So, think you’re ready to “Deep Fry Dat” ? Contact Deep Fried and tell us about your skillz! We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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