Val Galati Gibbons

A Florida native and self-proclaimed beach bum, Val moved to New Orleans after graduating from the University of Miami. She quickly fell in love with the city’s energy and people, not to mention the food. As the DFA project manager, Val brings an upbeat attitude and an organized spirit to keep the team on-deadline and on-budget. Her client experience ranges from large and national to niche and local, over a variety of industries. Regardless of client size or stature, Val enjoys a new or challenging project.

Naturally curious and always up for an adventure, you may sometimes find Val in a costume or engaged in one ridiculous New Orleans activity or another. In her free time, Val loves traveling, exploring New Orleans, trying new restaurants and walking her long haired dachshund, Rufus.



 Rufus, a long-haired miniature dachshund

Favorite trip

Amalfi Coast

Favorite smell

 fresh citrus and a clean house