Tourné has been a part of the advertising world all their life. Their grandfather, Gus Levy, established Creative Services during the mad men era of the early 60s and helmed it for more than 40 years. Though they attended Louisiana State University with English and Mathematics in mind, they couldn’t seem to avoid the stamp of advertising encoded in their genetics. Tourné got their start auditing SEO and managing PPC campaigns for a boutique legal marketing agency and quickly discovered they would much rather be building websites instead of measuring their KPIs. Since making the switch, Tourné has spent over seven years building websites with advertising agencies across the New Orleans area.  

In their spare time, they can be found trying to start a band with literally anyone, commenting on lost pet threads on Facebook, and looking into the problematic genealogy of their acquaintances.  


Your Pets:

4 cats – Friend & Gwart & Le Beau & Le Goût

fave trip:

Chicago & Paris

Fave food:

Overpriced sushi

fave smell:

Tobacco + Leather

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?

Kurt Vonnegut