A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Tabor has spent the better part of the last 15 years working in New York for a number of industry-leading agencies and on national and global clients and campaigns including Nestlé, State Farm, and Genpact. His holistic and organizational approach focuses on strong team-building, cross-departmental communication, and operational acuity. His understanding of the digital process, paired with innovative project management strategies, complements his track record of successfully managing multi-disciplinary teams on a variety of brand positioning projects and business development initiatives.

Always bearing a strong connection to his home state, Tabor is a re-acquainted New Orleanian and recently joined the Deep Fried family in a senior operational role, blending his outside perspective with the agency’s 15-year focus of putting people first in business and beyond. Outside of the office, Tabor can be found roaming the French Quarter on an evolving quest to immerse himself in understanding what makes people tick.



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