Paige Huffine

Designer & Developer

Born and raised here in New Orleans, Paige graduated from LSU with her BFA with a concentration in graphic design. But she could not wait to get back to New Orleans to begin her career. She is a quick learner with endless creative energy. An illustrator at heart, she loves to create unique designs, using both type and a touch of her illustrative style. She loves crawfish, hot tamales and blue cheese, but then again who doesn’t? Paige is quite the talker – she can talk to anyone or anything that will listen (or not) and loves meeting quirky people like herself. In her free time Paige loves to visit local wine bars, ride her bike, and play fetch with her dog-like cats… yes she said fetch!

Staff Q&A

Name your pets, if any:
Demetri, Russian Siberian Cat
Boris, Russian blue
Bella, Blue Point Himalayan
Gizmo, Tabby / Main Coon
Favorite food?
Pho and Crawfish
Your nickname / or AKA?
If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Tyler Joseph
Favorite smell?
You have $5,000 to spend at a single store. Which is it?