Kelsey Abbate

Designer & Developer

Born and raised just outside of Detroit, Kelsey is a Northerner with a deep appreciation for Southern life. Shortly after receiving her BFA from Michigan State University, she moved to the New Orleans area ready to begin her career. She embraces her new NOLA culture and is a rabid Saints fan…but don’t offer to buy her a coke at the game, because she only drinks “pop,” and no one can convince her otherwise. Regional vocabulary aside, she loves her new home and isn’t leaving any time soon. As a print designer and front-end web developer with DFA, Kelsey strives to create beautiful and simplistic design solutions that effectively get the message across. Negative space is her friend– she also fancies retro travel posters, and (or should we say, “&”) adores the ampersand. In her spare time, Kelsey gets her TV fix with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, and Game of Thrones.

Staff Q&A

Favorite Food?
French Fries with lots of ketchup
favorite smell?
olive oil and garlic sizzling in a pan
your nickname or aka?
name your pets, if any:
lily josephine, the cockapoo
you obtain $1B to build a business. what is it?
interior design company that focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that create balanced, positive energies in the home