Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Kaed moved to the states in 2005 to attend art school in Miami. Since then, he has had the pleasure of living and working in some of America’s greatest cities, including New York, San Francisco, Houston, and now New Orleans.

Kaed has a background in computer animation and visual effects, but quickly fell in love with graphic design and advertising. He has been blessed enough that his professional trajectory has allowed him to wear multiple hats and flex different creative muscles, ranging from animation to UI/UX to visual design for both digital and print mediums.

When he’s not behind the computer screen creating designs, you can find him wrenching away on his motorcycle (quarantine hobby), or enjoying some quality time with the fam (wife and two pups) binge watching Disney movies or true crime docs.


Your Pets:

Two Pitties, Smitty and Henry. The biggest cuddle hippos ever.

fave trip:

Favorite trip was recently to London, but favorite place to visit is NY. There’s nothing like wandering the city with your headphones on.

Fave food to cook:

Traditional Puerto Rican holiday food. Words can’t explain how delicious everything is around that time of the year.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?

This would be the most eclectic dinner party. Long bench table camp style: Dave Grohl & his mom Virginia Grohl, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein, Bill Nye, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Neil deGrass Tyson, Anne Rice, Joan Jett, and Derek Jeter. 

Your greatest inspriation:

My wife