A Mississippi native with no immediate plans to return—Julie has been a veterinary tech, college athlete, golf starter, law firm receptionist, food courier, and a ghostwriter for a college president, but it was as a copywriting student at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta that she found her passion – and luckily – her purpose.

Yes, Julie says, being a copywriter is as fun as it looks—witty banter, the sarcasm, the casual clothes, and the Oxford comma, but you should know that it’s hard work, too. Tourism and tech, healthcare, hospitality, and higher ed, law firms and leisure brands, projects big and small, B2C, B2B, and every brand in between, she enjoys helping people and products pitch, brand, rebrand, launch, leverage, and win measurable market share.

After 15 years, she remains bully on David & Goliaths and the moxie of Mom & Pops, and she considers it a privilege to use her talent and expertise every day helping a host of Deep Fried clients and brands find their voice and reach their potential. When she is not gently chiding her 14-year-old dog to walk a little bit faster or dashing barefoot into a thunderstorm to move her car to higher ground, you’ll find Julie writing, cajoling, creative directing, and contently producing the best work of her life.



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