Joris built his first website just days after going online for the first time, before stylesheets and div elements were part of the developer menu. This was during the first day of his studies in Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (in the Netherlands). Captivated by the endless possibilities of code, he started using it for creative purposes as well and received his MFA in Digital Arts from Tulane University. He now works as a front-end dev on anything from small, locally focused websites to huge internationally oriented sites.

Joris came to New Orleans from Amsterdam in 2010 after a tip from his parents. He fell in love with the city and his wife Brooke and decided to move here permanently. Remaining true to his Dutch roots, he still rides his bike everywhere (unless there is a monsoon). Often, his son Juno rides on the back. He loves to work closely with talented people to create beautiful things, whether they are websites, art pieces, his garden, or dinner parties.


Your Pets:

A wirehair dachshund named Roxy

fave place to visit:

The French country side and Normandie. The food. The vibes. The coast.

Fave food to cook:

Probably pizza (all from scratch, in a wood fired oven)

Favorite smell:

Black pepper by Comme des Garcons. Or just fresh cracked black pepper!

if you could have dinner with anyone in the world:

I’d love to have dinner with my 2 grandmothers, 4 parents, 2 brothers, 2 nieces, all my in-laws, and my wife and son. These people are my close family and I would love having them all over for dinner in our lush garden.