Ben Beard

Web Developer

Originally from Memphis, TN, Ben graduated from The University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Risk Management. After college he worked for several years in the accounting and finance field yet never felt satisfied with his work. After several conversations with friends in the web/design field, he became increasingly interested in web development. Soon after, Ben enrolled in Tulane University’s media arts program. For the past five years, he immersed himself into web development and greatly expanded his knowledge. Ben is also the web master for the New Orleans Running of the Bulls.

Staff Q&A

Favorite food?
Favorite Website?
The Onion
You have $5,000 to spend at a single store. Which is it?
Home Depot
Favorite program / app?
spell check. Without it I would mis-spell everything.
Name your pets, if any:
Clarence, DeMichael, and Lula