Notre Dame Health System is a robust collaboration of living communities and hospice services available across the Gulf South region. As a ministry of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, their services are steeped in Catholic-based tradition. Their range of accessible care for the elderly includes home care, independent care, assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care, home health and hospice care, to empower and nurture patients and their families.

Notre Dame Health System - Deep Fried


Notre Dame Color Palette - Deep Fried

Crafting a Catholic-based healthcare brand.

In 2019, Archdiocese of New Orleans came to Deep Fried with the challenge of their services — including in-home care and three nursing homes — feeling disjointed and siloed under their existing brand. They needed to develop an umbrella brand to communicate their full continuum of at-home and residential care for the elderly.

In order to make them sound more authoritative and robust, we started with a re-name: Notre Dame Health System. We created a Brand Manifesto to empower their employees with succinct brand values and brand voice. We modernized their logo, including an open cross to signify their acceptance of different religious denominations. We built a custom website to communicate their variety of services, falling under “Home-Based Care” and “Community-Based Care,” and to make information about these services more accessible. Most recently, we’ve developed marketing materials including brochures to continue to spread the good word.


Notre Dame Tagline - Deep Fried