Healthy Course Meals is a nutrition-based meal solution that caters to individuals who are committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They offer pre-made meals featuring a variety of ingredients and flavors with carefully calculated nutritional values to help their customers achieve their goals. One of the most prominent items they offer is their 5 for $35 Meal Deal which allows customers to customize 5 different meals for $35.

Healthy growth for a health biz.

When Healthy Course came to Deep Fried, they were in need of a new website with a robust eCommerce backend development that would enable them to operate their business online. We worked with Healthy Course to recreate their new site featuring an updated and refreshed layout / design, responsive buildout and user-friendly interface. The most notable work on the site was with the highly customized eCommerce functionality that we built and integrated into the site to facilitate the ‘5 for $35 Meal Deal’ ordering system. This feature allows customers to completely customize each of their five meals with meats, veggies and carbs, with options to change calories and portions based on selections, all while calculating the nutritional value as each meal evolves.

Newer features to the website include Skinny Course – a weight-loss meal plan subscription system – and an affiliate referral program. These new components were seamlessly integrated into the existing eCommerce system.

Convenient on the go.

In addition to the website, we developed tradeshow graphics and designed the labels for their new line of supplement products, and continue to provide support as they need.

Healthy Course Meals - Deep Fried
Healthy Course Meals - Deep Fried