Deep Fried is run by wife and husband team Jennie and Kevin Diemont, so it’s no surprise that our agency functions family-style. We’re tightly-knit, highly collaborative and real with each other. We take great pride in our relationships, inside and outside of the office.

Most importantly, our family is values-driven; we take on work based on alignment with our values.

Deep Fried Values


Honesty is the foundation upon which our agency sits. We keep things transparent in our office and with our clients, to ensure efficient communication and dependable partnership.


We believe in human connection and community engagement, which is why we love building awareness of local & regional businesses, organizations, and non-profits.


We are thoughtful in our interactions and in our work, carefully planning and thinking through every conversation and pen stroke.


We have a passion for exceeding expectations. We dedicate ourselves fully to delivering effective solutions to our clients, in a timely manner.


Our industry is constantly evolving, so we are, too. We thrive on discovering new, innovative strategies to increase our efficiencies, boost ROI and contribute to our clients’ success.


No successful campaign comes from a cookie-cutter solution. We believe that each one of our clients is unique and deserving of our tailor-made strategy and design.


We take our work very seriously, but we’re serious about enjoying it, too. We find ways to infuse humor into everything, which helps us to come up with witty taglines. (We also have fun attending yoga, happy hour and festivals with each other outside of 9-5; we work in New Orleans, after all!)